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Programme planning

  • The ultimate tool for transmission
  • Budgeting and variations included
  • Advanced scheduling of graphics

Production management

  • Production project planning
  • Efficient resource deployment
  • Detailed internal cost tracking

Advertisement sales

  • All advertisement categories
  • Structured campaigns, efficient CRM
  • Sales of commercial graphics

Rights management

  • Maximised utilisation of rights
  • Multiple types and dimensions (VOD)
  • Amortisation and rights re-selling

Content and MAM

  • Powerful metadata management
  • Total control over archives
  • Integrated MAM and workflows

VOD/OTT management

  • Flexible non-linear planning tools
  • Maximum exploitation of content
  • Full control of rights




PROVYS is a proven enterprise software solution providing television organizations with robust and integrated channel and sales management support they need in order to increase the productivity of daily operations and to gain strategic insight into their business processes. By using PROVYS TVoffice, the organization receives a reliable and flexible platform for exchange of information amongst all professions running the station.


For more informations go directly to the website: www.provys.com