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About Nevion

Twenty years ago, in 1996, The Spice Girls sang their way to their first number one, Independence Day and The English Patient were box office hits, and world chess champion Garry Kasparov was beaten by a computer for the first time. It was also around the time Nevion started its pioneering journey in media transport.


Of course, our company wasn’t called Nevion back then, but Network Electronics. We were pioneers of compact routers — so much so that in some circles, Nevion’s Sublime routers are still known affectionately as “Network routers” in reference to the company’s name at the time. Over the last two decades, Nevion has evolved and merged with a number of companies, including seminal technology pioneers VPG and T-VIPS. Along the way, we’ve shaped and architected the field of media transport, challenging the conventional and coming up with new, more efficient ways of doing things. Product names like Flashlink, VikinX and Ventura have become part of the standard vocabulary in the broadcast industry.


Top-Aktuelle Produkte

Nevion Virtuoso

Software-driven media node platform

Nevion Virtuoso is our latest generation of Media Node platform fulfilling the highest requirements of broadcasters and service providers. Virtuoso is designed to meet the challenges of an IP-based live production environment where the distinction between facilities and contribution is blurring, and where virtualization will play an increasing role, leading to faster time-to-production and greater cost-effectiveness.

Nevion Virtuoso is a comprehensive, flexible and scalable platform for real-time adaptation, transport and processing of live media content (video, audio and data) that provides tools for broadcasters and service providers to implement and operate state of the art media production systems. IP adaption, compression, protection, monitoring and aggregation are functionalities provided by Nevion Virtuoso. As an example, the platform is ideal for processing high quality media streams in a reliable manner with very low latency over network infrastructures with very high or constrained bandwidth capacity.