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Mobile Viewpoint is an innovative company that develops IP solutions. MVP has a proven track record in media, engineering and governmental organizations worldwide.



Agile LiveLink

Backpack or cameramount solution

The WMT Agile LiveLink 265 is our new wearable ruggedized transmitter that encodes video at H.265/HEVC and bonds 8 combined 3G/4G connections for high quality live streaming using Mobile Viewpoint award winning bonding technology. H.265 live video transmission offers the same quality at lower bandwidth consumption, but also saves money at data cards. It is also possible to add Wi-Fi and Ethernet connections to maximize the upload capacity. The system is small enough to fit between camera body and battery pack, or can be carried in a small backpack. Its aluminum design makes it extremely sturdy and will survive drops of more than 2 meters. All this while still offering up to 8 4G modems, HD-SDI, HDMI input, a LAN connection, satellite/KA-sat/BGAN support and 120GB of storage for recording video locally, ready for editing. Other benefits are the integrated antenna of the system and the roaming SIM-cards build in.

  • Bonding of 10 connections including wifi and Fixed IP
  • Fixed low delay
  • Camera mounted solution
  • Local and remote (web-based) management
  • IFB or return audio at less than a second delay

WMT Technology

The use of multiple networks guarantees the highest bandwidth, the best possible network coverage and offers a redundant solution. The video is encoded with and H.265 hardware codec, which will automatically determine the available bandwidth and continuously transmit on the highest available bandwidth. This ensures transmission of the best possible video quality with the shortest possible fixed delay time.

What we do

Live video over bonded 3G and 4G. Anywhere and anytime. Mobile Viewpoint (MVP) develops complete solutions for live wireless video and data transmission for the media, production and news gathering industry. MVP manufactures adaptive video encoders using single or multiplexed 3G and 4G connections. By bundling multiple (mobile) connections together it is possible to create a connection with higher, reliable and more stable bandwidth.