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KiPRO Storage Module

250GB HDD Storage Module
with FireWire800

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HD/SD 8-channel AES

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Ein weiteres Mal durften wir in unserem Schulungsraum ein praxisbezogenes Training durchführen. Herzlichen Dank für Ihr Erscheinen und wir hoffen Sie konnten viel profitieren.

Wir freuen uns bereits auf den nächsten Event.



Introducing Acuity Production Switchers

A breakthrough in modern production switcher technology, combining seemingly limitless production power with aesthetic beauty and unprecedented connectivity.

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Announcing Carbonite 2.5ME, 3G & 4K

Unbelievable, FREE new features from Ross for
Carbonite. The Production Switcher Powerhouse,
nothing else comes close...

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Introducing the new Carbonite C3S & C3X Control Panels

Carbonite customers can now choose from a range of 9 super cool control surfaces. There is a Carbonite panel to suit every application, from small flight packs to large control room installations.

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New MC1 Control Panel

This beautiful rugged master control panel lifts MC1
to the top of the line in providing first-class master control experience.

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MB-650 Audio Monitoring Bridge

Designed to meet the demands of broadcast audio monitoring requirements, the MB-650 is capable of de-embedding up to 16 channels of audio from an incoming SDI signal.

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